Hot Spring in Keng Tung

These are two photos of geysers with the name of emerald and gold.

I didn’t realise there is a geyser in Kengtung. The geyser with rows of stalls

is forty minutes drive on the dangerous lane from downtown Kengtung.

People come to the geyser by motorcycles and cars. Restaurants charge the

highest price K150 for an egg. An egg costs only K 38 if you buy it in the market.

It is also expensive to have food ata sight-seeing spot and geysers in Japan.

The place where the hot watercame out is at the edge of a large field.

You can make a boiled egg within ten minutes if you place it in the water.

A special room is available to rent about K500.

A larger room for family use is more expensive.

It is a pleasure to have a warm bath with clean water.

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